Weekly Message

Weekly Message
Posted on 03/24/2019

Murray Middle School Weekly Message

March 25 – March 29

It’s a busy week as we come back from Spring Break. We hope you all enjoyed the weather and flowers.

  1. Parent Drop Off Loop – Please do NOT drop your students off in the red areas (near staff parking back to Drummond). Please DO pull to the most forward car. We know this makes your child have to walk but it gets the Murray traffic off of Drummond and the students out of cars much faster. Thank you for your cooperation and for thinking of the safety of the students.
  2. Monday is the beginning of the 4th quarter. This means students have 9 weeks to do their very best so that their second semester report card grades (the one used to calculate promotion grade point average) are passing!
  3. Junior Olympic practice is Monday through Thursday. The actual Junior Olympics is Saturday, March 30 at Cerro Coso track beginning at 8:00 am.
  4. Wednesday is Late Start – have your student here on time.
  5. Wednesday at student’s lunches there will be an informational meeting about how to be in the ASB class (This is our leadership class and is one that brings so much of the fun to Murray).
  6. Thursday is our BIG Career Day. We have over 30 people from around town donating their time and information from 8 – 10:30 to meet with the Murray students and tell them about their career/job.
  7. Friday we have the 3 Screens Assembly. Students will learn about making choices through a multimedia presentation.
  8. Thursday is also the girl’s basketball awards banquet for the teams and families 5 – 7.
  9. Saturday is the EYH program on base at McLean Laboratory 8:00 – only those who registered are allowed to attend.
  10. Touch of Class Dance is April 5. The final dance. Students must meet the requirements to attend including fewer than 10 demerits, must have 80% attendance, no suspensions since the last dance, no F’s on quarter report card, no U’s and no more than 2 N’s, all fees paid. Tickets go on sale April 2 to those who qualify. We have sent out numerous lists to let students know what they must do in order to attend this dance.
  11. Dress code. Styles are getting shorter – please be sure students have their tummies covered even when they lift their arms, shorts must be at least 4 inches at the inseam, no thin straps – halters - plunging necklines - or strapless – Please!

Have a great week!