Weekly Message

Weekly Message
Posted on 03/12/2017

Murray Middle School

Engaging All Students

Weekly Message

March 13, 2017

Hello, this is Kirsti Smith, Principal at Murray Middle School with a message for the week of March 13, 2017.  Remember, Sunday the 12th is Day Light Savings be sure to change your clocks.

  1. This week is a fun spirit Week. Students will dress up as follows each day: Monday – Mis-Match Day, Tuesday – tired Tuesday – PJ, Wednesday – work out day, Thursday – Throw Back – wear clothes from different decades and Friday is Fancy Friday.  This is all to gear up for our Touch of Class Dance which is April 7.
  2. Tuesday 50 of our “kindest” students will be invited to a party during both lunches to thank them for their kind deeds.
  3. Junior Olympics practice is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2:30 on the track.
  4. NO LATE START this Wednesday – catch the bus ON TIME and get to school on time!
  5. Thursday is our last site Council meeting and the last one at this school site. It is at 10:30 in the office conference room.
  6. Thursday we have a concert featuri9ng our beginning bands and orchestras – it’s at 7:30 and it will be a treat – join us for this great event.
  7. We would like to have donations of bags of “Smarties”, we use these during SBAC testing.  We need about 2600 smarties rolls. Thanks.
  8. Also – we have had some concern about the water fountains not working. They are all up and working right now but you never know if one will stop functioning. We will stay on top of it.



    We hope you all have the opportunity to enjoy the air show and community events this weekend.


    This week’s SBAC words are:

    1. plot    2. Point of view    

 3.precise/specific language      4. Pre-write         5. presentation


Only 5 weeks until we begin SBAC testing! (April 24)