Weekly Message

Weekly Message
Posted on 01/11/2019

Murray Middle School

Weekly Message for the Week of January 14, 2019

Reminder, January 21 – next Monday is a holiday

January character Trait is Optimism


  1. We have a new bell schedule Tuesdays and Thursdays the class periods have been lengthened to 55 minutes in preparation for the end of the year tests. This means we do not have a  long advisory on those days.
  2. Tuesday ASB Rep meeting period 4 room 15.
  3. Basketball this week both sets are 6th/7th graders only: Tuesday vs,. Charter at Murray, Thursday vs. Trona at Trona.
  4. Wednesday is late Start.
  5. Thursday 7:00 School Board meeting.
  6. Friday ACE party – students with ACE cards will have a party with AB. Congrats to our super citizens!
  7. Saturday the 6th/7th grade boys ply a tournament at Norris.
  8. Yearbooks are still for sale $37 or $42 with name engraved. Room 12.

    Up coming Events

  9. Monday, January 21 Chess tournament at Gateway 8:30 – 1:00 all are welcome! Go Murray – We are still number one!
  10. Friday, January 25 is the last day 7th and 8th grade CJSF students can apply to be in the program. This is an honor program for students with A’s and B’s. They have been invited according to the California regulations. Students who are in CJSF for 3 semesters will walk through promotion with gold and or black cords and receive a gold emblem on their promotion certificate.  The dues is $5.00. Room 20 has more information.
  11. Friday, January 25 is Pastries for Parents – one of my favorite events at Murray. ALL parents are invited to share a pastry and Starbucks coffee with their student(s) Friday the 25 from 6:30 – 7:20 in the Murray cafeteria. Please plan to join us January 25! (not the 18th)