P.E. Absence Make-up Sheet

Mr. Barnes’ Physical Education Make-Up Sheet for Excused Absences ONLY

(All Mile Make-Ups Must Be Made Up at Lunch By Appointment Only)



Name of Student________________Period____Date of Absence_______


Physical Make-Up



Make-Up Activity_________________________Date of Activity_______



Length of Activity (At Least 30 Minutes):________



Heart Rate at the End of Activity (at least 120 beats per minute):______




Written Make-Up

(Minimum 250 Words Handwritten or Hand Printed)


Make-Up Report Subject (Fitness, Sport or Health Related):__________


Name of Source for Report (Television, Newspaper, Internet, Magazine,


Book, Other):_________________________________________________


Date of Source:______________Date of Report:_____________________


Attach Report to Sheet


Student Signature________________________Date:_________________


Parent Signature_______________________Date:_____Tele#:_________